The Friday Five! (Special Speedy Edition!)

1. Yes, I’m in a hurry this am, again. It’s my way of dealing with the heat: get up, get out, get home. Oh, and try to avoid wildlife. So far, it’s working for one day and counting. Here’s hoping for a trend!

2. I’m going to get my haircut this morning, my last cut for awhile, I think. And I will NOT be cutting it short, but even if I wanted to, I have been warned strictly not to do so by others who decided to get a big chop while pregnant and regretted it later. Actually, I’m more worried about wanting to cut all my hair off AFTER the baby comes, when I’m sleep deprived and don’t want to deal with it anymore. But I look horrible with short hair. I mean, REALLY bad. So if I start, in this space, to wonder if maybe a pixie cut might look cute, remind me of this entry and talk me out of it, please. I’m counting on you!

3. How addicted am I to Weeds right now? So addicted that I decided I could NOT wait until next summer, when the next season comes out. So I added Showtime to my Directv package. I know, I know. But this way I get to watch the premiere on Monday, as well as that show Dexter, with David from Six Feet Under, and This American Life. If you know of other good shows on Showtime I should check out, let me know. Might as well get my twelve bucks worth, right?

4. Last night, my friend Courtney made the peanut butter pie that is currently on the cover of Cooking Light, and OH MY GOD it was so good. It’s either sad or great when you’re still thinking about dessert at eight a.m. the next morning. I have GOT to cut back on my sweet tooth, this is just pathological. But I might have to make that pie first.

5. Yesterday, I spent a full hour on the phone with Dell, working my way through four different representatives, trying to explain that the new battery they sent me did not fit my computer. My old battery is long and thin: the one they sent was short and square. The conversation, while frustrating, was at times hilarious, if unintentionally so. I mean, how many ways can you explain, via the phone, that something just DOES NOT FIT? I used the square peg, round hole analogy, I tried to talk measurements, I used all my spatial skills. Still, I kept getting, “Yes, ma’am, but have you TRIED to put it in your laptop?” It was so insane, I can’t even tell you. So I’ll just share this clip, instead.

have a great weekend, everyone!
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