So I watched three—yes, three—movies this weekend. Such is the upside of being mostly sedentary. First up was Hot Fuzz, which was recommended by none other than Meg Cabot. (Okay, so she didn’t recommend it to me PERSONALLY, she recommended it to everyone via her blog, but it counts, right?) This movie is from the same people who did Shaun of the Dead, a movie I did not see because it was super gory, although now I may have to rethink my position because I really liked Hot Fuzz. It’s quirky and British and cool, as well as the rare movie my husband and I could watch together without one of us being disgruntled and rolling our eyes. Which, as you married folks know, counts for a lot.

The next night, we watched Reno 911: Miami, which, if you are a fan of the show, was everything you’d expect it to be: silly, somewhat gross, and very funny. It was actually JUST like the show, except for some gratuitous nudity, which I guess they threw in just because they could. Maybe I’m sort of immature, but I love Lieutenant Dangle in his short shorts. Gets me every time. Not Masterpiece Theatre, but then why would you expect it to be?

Lastly, yesterday, my friend Dana and I hit a matinee of Hairspray, which I’ve been wanting to see forever. No cops, no exploding heads, no nudity. Just a lot of singing and dancing and John Travolta in a dress. Plus the costumes were fabulous. Maybe it’s because I’m down to like, eight outfits total (most of which have stains on them, if I’m to be totally honest) but I was transfixed by all the pretty dresses. I cannot wait to go shopping for regular clothes again, which will happen…well, I guess it will be awhile. But someday. Someday!

have a good day, everyone!
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