Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails and comments from people asking about my next book, Lock and Key: when it’s coming out, what it’s about, all that. Over on , someone took the time to listen to my WUNC interview from a couple of months back and summarize the very scattered plot synopsis I gave there. (Thank you, mac z, for that.) The truth is, as I’ve written here before, I am so totally lousy at describing my own books. I always go on for WAY too long, yet still manage to leave something out, and by the time I finish whoever asked is sorry they did. That said, I will try—try—to do it here, if only because I am so flattered that people are so interested. So here we go.

First, the book is called Lock and Key. It will be out in April 2008. (At least, that’s the last I heard. Release dates do tend to change, so I’ll keep you posted.) Basically—and here’s where I get into trouble, I can already feel the long-windedness coming on, God help me—it’s about a girl named Ruby, whose mother, who has never exactly been a steady, dependable influence, disappears for good, leaving her alone in the rundown farmhouse they rent outside of town. Despite being determined to fend for herself, Ruby ends up having to go live with her sister, Cora, who she hasn’t spoken to in many years. There, she’s thrust into in a new world: a fancy house, private school, a brother in law who is determined to make her part of the family, whether she likes it or not. And then there’s Nate, the next door neighbor, a friendly jock, who is Ruby’s total opposite, and the last person she’d pick for a friend. With all these changes, she learns there’s a big difference between being given something and accepting it. And sometimes, in the end, reaching out to someone else is the only real way to save yourself.

Reading over this, I am reminded yet again why I do not write the back flap or catalog copy for my books. Thank God for that! But you get the general idea.

Thanks to everyone, again, for the curiosity and interest. I promise I’ll share the cover as soon as I can. And while I know things will be getting pretty hectic in the next few months, with the baby coming and my life completely changing (in all the best of ways) I promise to keep you posted about the book as best I can. From what I’ve heard, we’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned, promotions and giveaways, and hopefully I’ll be out traveling in the spring, and I can meet some of you in person. We shall see….

have a good day, everyone!
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