I’ve often wondered what the typical reader of this blog is like. If I go by the statistics on my webtracking page, I know I have a lot of people from NY and LA, as well as Canada, and a bunch from NC as well. I also know that I have a lot of fans of my books, as well as people who haven’t read them at all. But one thing is for sure, especially after yesterday: you guys are serious readers. Which makes sense, I guess, since you’re reading this now. Still, 66 comments can’t be wrong. Clearly, you are not among the people only reading four books a year. So good for you.

Meanwhile, I am finding myself to be more and more housebound these days. First, because it’s just hard to get around: I’m slow moving, my feet hurt, and a short outing requires a lot of energy. Also, however, there is the constant commentary. Everywhere I go people talk to me now, I guess because I am so huge. “Look at you!” someone crowed at the car dealership the other day. “You must be ready to pop!” Then there was the guy at the phone counter at Best Buy, who told me his long story about his wife’s labor and delivery, completely unprompted. I have to say it’s very nice that people, especially strangers, are so excited, but honestly it’s getting a bit harder for me to answer all the questions again and again. Maybe this is just part of the nesting instinct, wanting to stay home and just be still, eating cookies and watching House on DVD (third season, came out Tuesday, went and bought it immediately, yes, I am that addicted). After such a busy winter and spring and summer, madly editing my book, getting the house in order, organizing organizing organizing, I finally feel ready to just…stop. And wait. I’ll be busy enough, soon enough, I think. For now, a little stillness is okay. So if I’m absent from this space over the next couple of weeks, don’t be alarmed, I’m probably just resting. When the baby arrives, I’ll have someone post the news here, for all of you to read. Promise!

have a good day, everyone!
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