The Friday Five! (Special It’s-Almost-Labor-Day edition!)

1. I was actually a week off of Labor Day: I was convinced it was Sept 8-9, not next weekend, and therefore could not figure out why suddenly EVERYONE seemed to be going out of town for the next week. D’oh! Even with all the heat and drought, I don’t want the summer to end. But such is life, I guess.

2. Reason number 1,387 I love GMA’s Sam Champion: this morning, he was wearing a pink belt. Like, a rosy pink. You go, Sam! You’d never catch Chris Cuomo doing that.

3. Yesterday, I hit the grocery store to buy watermelon—my serious pregnancy addiction—and noticed something very interesting. You can buy a quarter of a watermelon for seventy-eight cents. Cubed watermelon, already cut and in a plastic container? $4.99. That’s some SERIOUS profit just for slicing. I bought the quarter, came home, sliced it in two minutes and it was twice as much as the amount for five bucks. Someone is making a LOT of money out there. I think I’m in the wrong business.

4. Last night, we watched an episode of Dexter, the serial killer show from Showtime. It was unsettling and a little odd but I really liked it. And not just because the main character is played by the same actor who played David on Six Feet Under. Although that certainly didn’t hurt. I swear, though, between serial killers and medical mysteries, it’s no wonder I’ve been a little nervous lately. I think maybe I need to watch something really easy and happy to balance things out. Like maybe…


have a good weekend, everyone!
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