So…this has been a hard week. I hadn’t planned to share what was going on, because despite appearances, I do try to keep some of my private life off this page. But the truth is, my mom has been very sick, in the hospital, since late last week. It’s been scary and a total roller coaster, but we do feel she is improving, bit by bit, day by day. Still, it’s been terrifying, especially with the baby due any time now: clearly, I’d much rather have her here, helping me fold onesies and tuck in crib sheets, than in the ICU.

I’ve always tried to keep things light here, talking about pop culture and TV and movies and celebrities and everything else. There’s enough serious stuff out there, is what I figure. But at the same time, I truly believe in the power of a good thought, or a simple prayer, and so if any of you could spare one for my mom today, I’d really appreciate it. And I know she would too.

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edited to add: I just got back from the hospital, and my mom is definitely improving. Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts! Clearly, it’s working.