I am writing this quickly, as the baby enjoys what I am calling Music Appreciation, i.e. laying in her pack and play and listening to the tinny little music that it offers as a soothing option. It’s usually good for about ten to fifteen minutes of time for me to scramble around collecting laundry, drinking a cup of coffee and MAYBE brushing my hair, so I have to make the most of it.

I feel like I’ve been underwater for the last eleven days or so, but all in a good way. Not like drowning, but just floating. Still, I have managed to keep up with some things, usually by cruising the internet while feeding the baby (typing one handed is harder, although author Emily Franklin assures me I will master this eventually. Here’s hoping!) I did see Britney’s VMA performance, but I’m following Meg Cabot’s lead and Just Not Commenting, as it’s more sad than scandalous. I also managed to get through the entire EW Fall TV preview issue, which got me SO excited about all the shows coming back, as well as new ones to watch. I caught a couple of Brothers and Sisters online before I got fed up with the video player, which kept spazzing out on me, so I think I’ll be adding that to my list. We’ve been watching Dexter on DVD, which is good but disturbing, especially when I’m trying to keep myself in a happy place, which is necessary when you are so sleep deprived. Then there’s Weeds, which just keeps getting better and better, and House, which I am still loving, even though between my mom being in the hospital and then my own stay I’m kind of over the whole medical drama except in small doses. Still, it WAS odd to hear all these terms I only knew from House: “We need an LP/MRI/CAT scan!” and having them be, you know, actually happening. (On my mom, not me, but I honestly think that’s scarier, really.)

Anyway. I apologize for the random and scattered form of this entry, as well as the random and scattered state of this blog, right now anyway. I’ll continue to update as I can, as long as the music is working. Which, judging by the mutterings now coming from my left, it is not anymore. So I better go.

have a good day, everyone!
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