Actually, I can’t complain. Last night I got four uninterrupted hours of sleep for the first time since the baby was born, which was amazing: I feel like a whole new person today. I know, I know, four hours isn’t that much, especially for someone who is used to getting at least twice that. But compared to two hours, or even three? It’s night and day.

Meanwhile, in the waking world, school is back in. And with school comes…school projects. In the last week or so I’ve gotten several requests, via this blog and my website, to do interviews or help people with school assignments. I hate to say it but…I just can’t. I mean, even before the baby I couldn’t accomodate all the requests—ifI did one, I had to do them all—-and now, considering I’m barely getting my hair brushed some days, it’s just not happening. Sorry to everyone who has asked, and please know how flattered I am that you chose me and my books for your topic. But between the baby and the new book, I’ve got my hands full. I’m sure you understand.

In other news, I caught the very beginning of the Emmys last night, enough to see Kevin Dillon lose to Jeremy Piven (which kind of sucked, but at least they kept it in the family) and Jenna Fisher lose to Jaime Pressley (who is from Kinston, NC—or as my friend Dana calls it, K-town) where I am sure they were whooping it up when she took her prize. I wanted to watch the rest of it as it happened, but the baby was about to crash, and I decided sleep was more important.

Sleep is ALL important these days, as I said above, which was why I was oh so grateful for my friend Cameron, who has already made the baby her first mix CD. Cameron is a serious music junkie, very Owen Armstrong-esque, so I was not surprised he decided to start the baby’s musical education early, which a collection of lullaby-style covers of some of my favorite songs. There’s everything from The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven,” to Led Zep’s “Over the Hills and Far Away,” to Bob Marley’s “Stir it Up,” all done with plinky, soothing notes. The version of “God Only Knows,” by the Beach Boys pretty much brought me to tears yesterday, but then again I am ridiculously hormonal. Still, if you’re trying to soothe a newborn (or just want to sleep better yourself) I highly recommend these. I’m not sure where he found them, but they’re probably available on iTunes?

I hope that YOU are all well rested as this week begins. Have a good day, everyone!
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