Lately, I feel like this blog is almost clandestine: I have to sneak time away, furtive moments—like at 7:15 am, in a half-dark room—to write entries. But at the same time, when I go a couple of days without writing something, I feel a little crazy. So this is therapy, maybe, even if it is limited to stolen moments.

That said, we had a good night last night, which determines everything else, so I feel pretty good for seven am. Making me feel even better? This story about how filming has now officially started on the Sex and the City Movie. No longer just a tease or a pipe dream, it’s really happening! I am SO excited. And jealous: my best friend Bianca recently moved back to NYC, and I just KNOW she’ll stumble onto them filming at some point. If you do, B, snap a picture for me! I want to see it to believe it.

Meanwhile, Gossip Girl premiered last night and…I didn’t get to watch it, as I was catching up on Weeds and then walking the baby to calm her down and going to sleep, all before 9:30. So no spoilers, okay? I only read one of the books, but I’m curious to see how it transfers to TV. And if it does well, that can only be good for other YA books that might become series, right? (Talk about pipe dreams, but whatever.) Pretty soon I know my Tivo will be slammed full, with all the season premieres, and I don’t know how I’ll get caught up. But I can’t wait for new House, and Grey’s, and Friday Night Lights (I ordered Season One on DVD, could NOT help myself, and am determined to convert everyone I know to it), as well as The Office and 30 Rock and….oh, the mind boggles. Okay, so maybe it’ll take me until January to see all the premieres, that’s just fine. I’ll take it however I can get it.

Finally, I may be behind on my TV watching, but I am learning lots of other new skills. Such as swaddling.

The nurses showed us how to do this in the hospital, and at first I wasn’t that into it. Until I realized that it was literally magic: when the baby is fussing, or screaming, I can put her down, swaddle her up and she….stops. Usually, anyway. Of course, the baby in this video is already mellow, which is not usually the case here, but I am perfecting my method. Sasha likes her swaddle TIGHT, so she’s completely immobile: I swear she looks like you could bounce her off the floor, but the nurses swear it’s what newborns prefer. And at this point, I am learning that when something works—when anything works—don’t question it. Just be happy, and move on.
Words to live by!

have a good day, everyone!
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