Admission: I caught 1/2 of the Gossip Girl pilot at 6:30 am this morning while nursing the baby (gotta love Tivo!) and I’m already hooked. Oh, dear. All I need is another show, especially now that I hardly have time to watch the ones I’m already addicted to. But it was bound to happen, I guess. Premiere week is ahead, all new shows…I have my Season Passes set up, and I WILL get to everything, eventually. At least I plan to.

In other news, a dilemma. What’s the deal with birth announcements? I keep hearing that I should send them out, but I worry that people I send them to will think they are required to send a gift, which is SO not the case, as we are full to bursting with stuff, people have been crazy generous. It’s kind of like graduation announcements, which I didn’t send out for the same reason. At the same time, though, I always kind of like getting a formal birth announcement when a friend has a baby, if only to see a picture and stick it up on my fridge for awhile. So should I do them, or not? What would Miss Manners say? Or, more importantly, since when do I care? Sigh. Too many decisions, not enough sleep. It’s a dangerous combination.

Speaking of dangerous things, I am SO in the mood to go shopping, I can’t even tell you. Maybe it’s because I was wearing the same four outfits for the entire month of August, or slightly more than that since around June, but lately whenever I see ads for fall clothes I can feel myself practically DROOLING. It’s terrible. And don’t even ask me about all the online shopping I’ve been doing: it’s just entirely too easy to point and click with one hand while the baby is in the other. Last month I swear Citicards probably thought something was wrong with me, my balance was so low, but I have a feeling I am more than making up for it now. I want a new pair of jeans, new shoes, maybe some lipstick, a soft sweater…

*wipes drool*

Okay, this has GOT to be hormones. God help me.

have a good day, everyone!
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