How sick is it that I am actually excited that This Lullaby makes an appearance in the Pottery Barn Teen catalog? Thanks to eagle eyed readers (and my friend Lisa!) for letting me know. Personally, I don’t get Pottery Barn Teen, although I do seem to get about a hundred Pottery Barn catalogs a month. I usually flip through them, fantasize a bit about how nice it would be if my house was 1) that clean and 2) that stylish, and then toss them in the recycling. I do the same with the Crate and Barrel catalog, although with that one I also, when I’m feeling really wistful, go through and circle everything I’d buy if I could afford it, a game I created back in my waitressing days. Fantasy shopping: it’s like fantasy football, but with merchandise. Sometimes picking stuff out is just as fun as actually getting it, you know?

Speaking of shopping, real or otherwise, I finally made it to the mall yesterday, where, while my husband pushed the baby in her stroller, I did a mad dash-and-try-on in the Gap, emerging after about twenty minutes with two new pairs of pants and five T-shirts. It had to be a personal record. Then again, I’m doing everything superfast these days: you should see how fast I’m typing this, as the baby is beginning to make noises in the crib nearby. Quickly, quickly!

Because the baby was EXTREMELY fussy last night (crying for three hours straight, I almost had a total breakdown) I missed the season premiere of House, which I got completely addicted to this summer, watching all three seasons in quick progression. I just finished last season’s finale yesterday, so the timing would have perfect if….I’d actually been able to watch. Oh, well. Today is just as good, I guess.

Okay, baby is NOT happy. Have a good day, everyone!
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