What can I say? I’m starting Sasha’s literary appreciation early.

So yes, my galleys arrived yesterday. Always a VERY exciting occasion, and it still was, even with all the excitment we’ve had around here these days. It’s amazing to see your book actually looking like, well, a BOOK, especially considering that this time last year I had, like the Carpenters, only just begun. Paired with the excitement is the nervousness that comes with knowing that galleys have also gone out to lots of booksellers and librarians, which means I COULD spend endless time obsessing about what they all think about it. Which I always try not to do, with mixed success. You’d think because this is the eighth time I’ve done this I’d be used to it, calm and collected but….well, you know me, right? Luckily I do have a very big built in distraction, who is currently laying beside me as I type this, nudging me with her feet. As distractions go, she’s a lovely one. And if you have to be distracted, that’s the kind you want, right?

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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