Monday morning, and as I find myself with a few spare moments as I wait to watch Meg Cabot on the Today show (at 10:33 am, EST!), some random thoughts, put randomly:

1. I keep doing things that I am convinced qualify me as The Worst Mother Ever. Such as yesterday, when I failed to realize that the baby might be COLD, as the temperature had dropped outside overnight, and that was why she might be so fussy and unable to go back to sleep from 6:00 am on. Whoops! Also, everytime I take her anywhere in her car seat, her head flops over like her neck is about to snap, even with the little doohickey on the carseat AND the insert I bought to prevent just this thing from happening. It was so bad that out the other day at the Wal Mart, a total stranger came up to us and said, “You can’t let that baby hold her head like that!” and promptly tried to fix it herself, with mixed results. That’s right: we’re such bad parents people are chastizing us in the WAL MART. When did this become my life? Oh, don’t even answer that. Maybe I’ll just keep her at home until she has more neck control?

2. Out at the mall the other day, I realized that with the pregnancy and all my other distractions, I missed something important: leggings are REALLY back. Sitting eating a sandwich outside of Nordstrom, I saw two girls in fifteen minutes pass by wearing them with dresses and heels. Hello, 1985! I felt so nostalgic, and also completely unhip. Because this is NOT a trend I personally feel compelled to revisit. Once was enough, thank you.

3. Loved, loved, loved the Office season premiere. Liked Grey’s a lot as well, although my Tivo cut off right at the end so (spoiler alert, sort of!) I didn’t get to hear what George said to Izzie. Luckily my cousin Barbara filled me in. Gotta remember to set it to go over a bit, because that was MIGHTY frustrating. Also: is anyone else feeling a pang of missing Gilmore Girls? You would think I’d be over it, but I have a feeling come tomorrow at 8…..sigh.

4. There are so many books I want to read but NO TIME! I’m lucky to get through “Who Wore it Best?” in US Weekly before the baby needs me or the phone rings, or both happen simultaneously (which is usually the case). Please, moms out there, tell me that someday I will get time to read again. Even if it is a big fat lie.

5. Right now, in my fridge: three kinds of cupcakes. Oreo mint, chocolate with chocolate icing, and chocolate with pink icing, all given to me by friends. Sometimes, the universe DOES know just what you need, when you need it. That’s reassuring, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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