Here’s something about motherhood I never would have expected: it actually reminds me a bit of waitressing.

Okay, I know that sounds weird. But one thing about waiting tables that I remember very well was this feeling in my head, at any given moment, of what I had to do: bus this table, get this one their waters, check on these entrees, ring up this bill, find out where my margaritas were and why they were taking so long. I imagined it like a list in my head, constantly reforming itself, things moving up and down in order of importance by the second. Being home with the baby is kind of the same thing. There’s always a list of things that need doing, and they fall into two categories: ones that can be done with her in my arms and awake, and those that require her being down and asleep. It’s with the latter category, which I am in right now, that things really kick into high gear. Take a shower, brush my teeth, eat some cereal, reply to those emails, fold the laundry, and on and on and on as I race against the clock, waiting to hear her stirring. Right now, I should be emptying the dishwasher, but I’d rather be here, doing this, so here I am. My two top priorities, though, each day? Getting a shower, and blowing my hair dry so it doesn’t dry into a mass of crazy wavy curls (hard to believe, but this is its natural state, one even some of my best friends have never seen it in, as I am that obsessive about the blow dry). If I can get those two things before she’s up and raring to go in the morning, it’s a good day.

Meanwhile, Teen Read Week is approaching, and I feel remiss I am doing nothing to mark it. I was asked to participate in several events, but had to decline as I knew I’d have my hands full (I mean, I can’t even get a shower some days!). But I have been checking in to the fabulous events that Readergirlz have put together, and you should too, as they have some great stuff planned. It is in my nature to want to do everything, regardless of whether I am overextended or not, but I keep telling myself that I WILL be back eventually to all of these things, and that it’s okay that I’m taking a little time off now. I mean, the baby is growing and changing every single day: I feel like I blink, and I miss something. How can time move so slowly and so fast at the same time? It’s crazy.

Finally, a TV update. I am still LOVING House, two episodes into the new season (although I’m not crazy about Cameron as a blonde, I like her better with dark hair). I watched the pilot of Aliens in America and loved it, especially since Luke from Gilmore Girls is on it (if you can’t get Gilmore, it’s the next best thing, I guess). I’m an episode behind on Gossip Girl, but am eager to catch up, and have the premiere of Brothers and Sisters waiting for me whenever I get through Season One on DVD (God knows when that will happen, it’s not like blow drying my hair). And today it’s Thursday again, somehow, which means The Office and Grey’s. Whew! It may take me until summer, but I will get caught up. It’s on my list!

have a good day, everyone!
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