You just have to ask yourself, What Would Tim Riggins Do?

Okay, so maybe that isn’t the best mindset for someone with an infant to care for. But no matter, Friday Night Lights ROCKED, even with the questionable ending (which left me a little unsettled, I must admit, but I’m going to trust the writers know what they are doing. I won’t give spoilers, but if you watched it, you know what I’m talking about).

Here at home, we’ve finally figured out what soothes the baby when she’s fussy: music. LOUD music. She can be crying, totally unhappy, but if I crank up the iPod and dance around with her a little bit, she stops. Instantly. I wish we’d known this, oh, about five weeks ago, but no matter. So far, she seems to like just about anything, although “Dancing Queen” seems to work particularly well, as does anything by Tom Waits. I don’t even want to know what the neighbors are thinking when they hear us blasting Kanye West at eight in the morning, but like I said, if it works, it works. Plus there are worse ways to spend your time than listening to music. Like, say, listening to a baby scream her lungs out. Right?

Finally, a question, because I know someone out there will know the answer. If you’re hiring a website designer, how important is it that they are local, and you can meet face to face? Or can you do it all online, for the most part? I want to redo my site in advance of Lock and Key, but I don’t even know where to start. What should I look for, in terms of a portfolio, experience, etc? Does anyone know? If you do, let me know. I’m feeling completely daunted, which is honestly nothing new, especially lately.

What would Tim Riggins do? Oh, probably pop a beer and take up with a rally girl. Not an option for me, alas. But there is always music and dancing, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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