The Friday Five! (Special Fall Edition!)

1. Yes, it is COLD here this morning. Okay, cold for NC: 46 degrees as I write this. Brrrr! And guess who hasn’t had any time to dig out her warm clothes? Yep, that’s me. I can’t wear flip flops in this kind of weather. Can I?

2. The NC State Fair begins today. I won’t be attending, because my doulas told me that I overstimulated the baby by taking her to Target (bad mom alert!) so you can only imagine what would happen if I subjected her to whirling lights, carnies barking, and fried twinkies. Maybe next year.

3. I am getting it from all directions this morning. Sasha has not wanted me to put her down since 3am (although I have: bad mom alert number two!) and now that I’ve finally got her in the swing and crashed out (with Chris Issak blasting at top volume) Coco has assumed a position at my feet, staring up at me pleadingly with a toy in her mouth. I can’t make anyone happy these days, I swear. Thank God for coffee, or I might just fall apart entirely.

4. Thank God also for new TV to watch, which, when I DO have a free moment, makes me feel somewhat normal. I caught half of Gossip Girl last night, and I have to say: does anyone else think that Dan looks EXACTLY like a mini Alex Karev (or is it Korev? no time to IMDB, sorry). I mean, if the Grey’s writers wanted to have a long lost son show up to rattle Alex’s cage, they need look no further, in my opinion. It’s almost creepy, really.

5. The song blasting behind me now: Ben Lee singing “We Are All in This Together.” Mornings like this, I look at Sasha and Coco and my own dark-circled eyes and think, indeed. Indeed.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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