The Friday Five! (special posted on Thursday afternoon edition!)

1. When I was pregnant, I decided that I could have something sweet every single afternoon to balance out the fact that I wasn’t allowed to eat brie, or have coffee or wine. Now, I’m no longer pregnant. But I cannot give up my two daily cookies that I have been eating for MONTHS now. They are a total addiction, and I think I will have to go cold turkey. But, like with quitting anything, I keep putting it off. And off. And off…

2. Oh, my God. I SO want one of these T-shirts. And what would I do without Facebook friends, one of whom forwarded this link? In related news, I hear the ratings for FNL were not so great. I swear, if this show gets pulled I will go ballistic on someone. Who, I don’t know. But someone.

3. I have not left the house except to go to my mom’s and straight back since Monday. How did this happen? This weekend, I am going OUT, just try and stop me. At this point, just a trip to the grocery store would feel like going around the world, that exotic and exciting. I can just see myself lingering in the produce section, trying to make it last.

4. Is anyone else but me watching Aliens in America? It is such a clever, clever show, I LOVE it. But I’m afraid to get too attached, as it is in the CW, and they always seem to cancel the shows I like (see Mars, Veronica, and Girls, Gilmore). It’s like when your most fickle girlfriend takes up with a great guy, and you WANT to like him but…you know better. I’ve had my heart broken too many times.

5. I saw this video the other morning on GMA: I was half watching, and it just kind of sucked me in. I think the idea was to describe your week in three words. I’m not sure what mine would be. Maybe, “sleep is good,” or “the baby smiled”? It got me thinking, at any rate, and also choked me up, if I’m to be totally honest. But that happens a lot these days.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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