It’s raining here.

Not only that, it’s BEEN raining here since yesterday. And it’s supposed to keep up until Saturday. I know, I know, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest you’re like, “So what?” but let me tell you, I honestly cannot remember the last time it rained for more than about fifteen minutes here. It was before the baby was born, way before: maybe back in June? No. I’m not kidding. I’d forgotten what it was even LIKE to hear rain, to the point that yesterday, when it began, I was like, “What is that noise?” We’ve been in such a serious drought I’ve been worried about our well running dry, so this is great news. It was such a novelty that I took Sasha out in it last night for a few seconds, just so she could experience it. She kept sticking out her tongue, like a lizard. I was so happy to see the rain I was almost tempted to do the same thing.

In other news, I am now completely addicted to Brothers and Sisters. I’ve been watching Season One on DVD while I nurse, and am powering through the episodes. It’s just so scandalous. Hidden affairs! Sibling rivalries! Illegitimate secret children! Not to mention Calista Flockhart, who hasn’t been on TV since Ally McBeal, and Sally Field, who is flat out fabulous. Plus it’s shot in such a way that you just want to move to California immediately, it’s that pretty. Add in Rachel Griffiths, who I feel like I spent all of last year with while watching the entire seasons of Six Feet Under, and I’m done. I’m already Tivoing the new season, so it will be waiting for me. I’m so excited to get caught up, it’s embarrassing.

But it’s the small things, right? A fun TV show, a true downpour. A baby opening up her mouth to taste the air. All good. All good.

have a great day, everyone!
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