Great news: it is still raining here. We’ve had a long, soaking rain, just the kind we needed. It hasn’t erased the drought—we need much, much more—but it has been so nice. Talk about great sleeping weather. The baby’s been crashed out, we’ve ALL been crashed out. I forgot how much I liked a rainy afternoon.

Also good news: Just Listen was chosen as a YALSA Teen’s Top Ten book. It came in at number two, behind Stephenie Meyer’s New Moon, so I am in great company. I got second the last time I made this list too, with the Truth About Forever. And I am VERY happy to be there, let me tell you. We’re number two! We’re number two! (Okay. it doesn’t have exactly the same ring to it, but whatever.)

You know what’s even better than a cool, rainy morning? The hot bar at Whole Foods for breakfast on a cool, rainy morning. Today I had a HUGE helping of eggs, french toast, cheese grits and potato puffs. I am normally a cereal girl all the way, but some days you just really want to do it up. And I am STILL full. The power of a hot breakfast cannot be underestimated. Is my mother right about everything? And if she is, does that mean that someday, I will get to be right about everything?


Yeah. I didn’t think so either.

have a good weekend, everyone!
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