I swear, I am so out of the loop these days. It used to be I checked CNN.com multiple times a day. I knew every single news story, from the big (Iraq, the economy) to the small (dogs saving people’s lives, kids driving their parents to the hospital during emergencies, they LOVE that kind of thing on CNN). Then, today, I only just realized that the Red Sox had won the World Series. Whoops! How did I miss that?

I think I know, actually. Her name is Sasha, and right now, she is asleep in her swing, which is why I am here, writing this. I have to say, though, I’m not alone. There’s been a serious baby boom lately in these parts, something that I am attributing to the recent few days of rain we had. You know how they say that during hurricanes, people always go into labor, due to the barometic pressure changing? Get a few days of solid rain after a longtime drought, and clearly something similar is at work. Three people I know had their babies between Wednesday and Sunday, all of them early. Rain: it’s not just for crops and lakes anymore!

Maybe it was the rain, but yesterday afternoon, when I was driving home from my cousin’s, it was just SO beautiful. I’d forgotten how much I love that late afternoon autumn light, the way the sun looks slanting off the leaves, everything crisp and cool outside. I was driving down this country road, the pasture land on either side, leaves swirling in front of the windshield, and I looked up to see a bunch of geese in a perfect V, moving overhead, across the sky. It was picture perfect, a postcard for fall. I know I’m a summer girl, all the way, but autumn isn’t so bad. I just wish it didn’t mean winter was right around the corner. Can’t we just jump right into spring?

No? Oh, well….
have a good day, everyone!
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