You know that feeling when you’re just a bit behind the curve? Like, discovering a trend WAY after everyone else has, coming late to the party? That’s how I feel about my new obsession with Ben Lee. I know he’s been around for a long time, that he dated Claire Danes during her post-My So Called Life, pre-Billy Crudup period, and has tons of music out. But somehow I missed most of that, and only stumbled upon his stuff on iTunes last year, when I was really struggling with Lock and Key and found his song “We’re All in This Together,” which for some reason became kind of an anthem for me, and helped me finish the book. (Chocolate, determination and a lot of complaining played a part, as well.) This is not to be confused with a song with the same name from High School Musical which I am sure is very nice, but it’s no Ben Lee, if you get my drift. At any rate, it ‘s always good to discover something wonderful, I guess. Better late than never, right?

In related news, I am now all caught up on my shows, just in time for November sweeps. (And the Writer’s Strike, if that actually happens. Hopefully not!) I have to say that I think Grey’s Anatomy is SO good this year, totally back in top form, which kind of sucks because I get the feeling a lot of people drifted off from watching because they were turned off by the bad melodrama last year. Which I completely understand, as it got to be a little much. But the ferry boat thing is over, and we’re back to quirky stories and good melodrama (because you have to have SOME melodrama, right?) so if you lost faith, give it another shot. Although I have to admit that the George-Izzie thing continues to skeeve me out, so I’m hoping that doesn’t last. But maybe it’s just me?

Finally, this morning, I realized for the first time ever that I had completely forgotten about Daylight Savings Time. Whoops! And the year when one extra hour of sleep has never been so welcome. On the flip side, though, this means it will soon be getting dark at 5pm, which is TOTALLY depressing. Give me strength….

have a good day, everyone!
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