The Friday Five! (Special Trying to Get Caught Up, Somehow, Edition!)

1. Okay, so I know it’s Thursday night. But I have a quiet moment AND my fabulous babysitter Claudia here, so I’m taking advantage. I wish that when I had a few minutes I could just sink into bed with US Weekly, or take a few moments to just chill, but I’m still in that racing-around-like-a-madwoman-because-I-don’t-know-when-I’ll-have-another-free-moment mode. Hopefully soon I’ll realize that I have more time than I used to in those crazy first weeks, but they’re still kind of haunting me. Why doesn’t anyone tell you how HARD it will be, initially, to have a newborn? Because there is no way you’d ever understand even if they tried. I get that, now.

2. On the flip side, man, is the baby fun. This week, she found her thumb, which was groundbreaking (or you’d think so, anyway, by the way I insisted on documenting it, and then relaying said documentation and information to anyone who would listen). She also had her first shots yesterday, an event which was mildly traumatic for her and completely devastating for me. I was holding her in my lap when they stuck her, and she cried and then I cried. So crazy, right? Weird how this motherhood thing pulls at your heart in ways you could never even imagine. I guess no one can warn you about that, either.

3. Tomorrow I am picking up a jogging stroller that I found on Craigslist, my first purchase from there. The ad said “price negotiable,” and my cousin Barb, who is a master of Craigslist, insists that means that I should try to barter when I go. But I am a LOUSY barterer. I always feel like I’m offending someone. And what if I offer less and they say no and then I look like a total nerd, as I sheepishly pull out the full amount? It’s just too much pressure. This is why I was always a terrible salesperson, and why I used to be such a failure when I did bookfairs and the kind of signings where you sit at a table and have to lure people in. I remember at one event I was next to this woman who was such a seller. She’d written a Christmas book and every single person that passed she’d say, “Do YOU want to know the secret of the Christmas Cow?” (It wasn’t a cow, I can’t remember what it was. But you get the idea.) And then there I am, with my books in front of me, and when people passed I’d be, like….well, I’d just sit there like the nerd I am, smiling apologetically, with no spiel whatsoever. Oh, well. Either you have it or you don’t, I guess.

4. This writer’s strike is worrying me. They’re already announced that The Office is about to run out of original episodes, and several other shows are shutting down as well. Pretty soon we’ll be stuck with just reality stuff, which will officially stink. I mean, I love Top Model and all, but writing is important. It’s crucial! Let’s hope things get resolved soon.

5. Speaking of great writing—okay, well maybe it’s not great writing. Or even good writing. But the other night, my friend Courtney was over and we were flipping channels and found…Center Stage. How much do I love this movie? Enough that I know I’ve written about it at least once in this space before. But every once in awhile, Oxygen goes on a tear, and they start showing it repeatedly, back to back, like they did the other night. So that’s a comfort. If all our shows go dark, we’ll always have Center Stage. Thank Goodness!

have a good weekend, everyone!
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