Monday, and my darling daughter has decided she no longer likes to nap. If she IS convinced to go down, it’s for about 15-30 minutes, after which she wakes up refreshed and ready to be entertained. She’s not fussy or upset. Just AWAKE. You’d think I’d been feeding her Red Bull or something. (Note: I have not.) This after I got used to a morning and afternoon nap, plus an occasional snooze in between. This parenting thing, I am realizing, is like playing a game that never ends where the rules always change. The minute you think you’ve locked on a winning strategy…not so much, and it’s back to the drawing board. Oh, well.

Speaking of winning strategy, one of my FAVORITE shows returns this week: Project Runway. Is it just me, or does it seem like ages since the last season aired? I have missed Tim Gunn mightily, and his other show on Bravo just did not prove to be an adequate fix. I am so, so excited for another round of contestants, and Tim-isms (“Designers! Gather around, please!”), especially since if the Writer’s strike goes on, a lot of my other shows will be going into reruns before I know it. As reality shows go, this is a very good one. Unlike, say, The Hills, which I am embarrassed to say that I am somehow getting sucked back into, after turning away from it after Season One. But there’s no way THAT show is actually reality, is it? It can’t be. Everyone is too pretty to not have been made up, and the conversations hardly seem spontaneous. But maybe that’s how we like our reality: not that real. The line does seem blurred, at any rate.

These days, my reality is all about trying to get more sleep, being sad I’m missing NCTE, which is fast approaching, and looking forward to Thanksgiving, because I love an eating holiday. And even though the drugstore this morning was already playing Christmas music, and just the THOUGHT of having to buy gifts for everyone makes me have an anxiety attack, I am not looking past next week, at least not yet. The holidays will be here soon enough, and more than anything these days I am learning to just be present. It’s day to day, when the rules are always changing, so I just have to be happy when something is working now, and let later deal with later. It’s easy to write, easy to say, a bit harder to do. But like Tim Gunn says, you have to make it work. Or try to, anyway.

have a good day, everyone!
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