As I write this, Sasha is sleeeeeeping. Thank Goodness. The nap is back!

In other good news, here’s something to keep you busy if the Writer’s Strike continues: you can now get the entire Gilmore Girls series on DVD. How awesome would it be if you never watched the show, and got start from the beginning and have ALL those episodes? I think I came in just before Season Five (or maybe six?) and I spent one wonderful summer watching all the previous ones. It was so, so awesome.

In not so good news, lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails about school projects. And even though I send an autoresponse out saying I can’t answer individual questions—if I did one interview, I’d have to do them all, and then I’d never get any writing done, or anything else for that matter—people still get annoyed. I’ve gotten a couple of really nasty emails lately from people who were REALLY angry that I wasn’t able to help them. Like name-calling, ripping me to shreds angry. So let me just say this: I’m sorry. But I have a new baby here at home, and very little time, and I wish I could help you, but I can’t. I understand you might not be happy about it, but please don’t send me mean emails saying I suck, because I’m sleep deprived and hormonal and just a touch hypersensitive right now. Thank you.


All right, enough guilt and heavy breathing. Life is too short to be this codependent. I mean, Lorelei Gilmore wouldn’t be beating herself up about this. She’d just wave it off and go drink more coffee. Which….actually sounds like a good plan. Hmm.

have a good day, everyone!
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