The Friday Five (Special pre-Turkey Day edition!)

1. So yes, Thanksgiving is next week, and it pretty much IS my favorite holiday. What’s not to like about a day that’s all about eating, and you don’t have to buy presents for anyone? Plus we have family coming into town from both sides who haven’t yet seen the baby, so that’s going to be big fun. I only wish Sasha could enjoy that turkey with all the trimmings but…she’s still on the all-milk diet. So she’ll just have to make it up by really getting into the football, I guess.

2. How great was the Project Runway premiere? I had not realized how much I missed about this show. Not just Tim Gunn, but Nina Garcia’s pointed remarks, the way Heidi furrows her brow when you know she hates something, and just how deluded and self-important some contestants always are. Love it! Equally hilarious, to me anyway, is how my husband, who does not know Prada from Pringles, weighs in on every design, commenting on necklines and fabrics. His favorite quote from the first episode? “I love to drape!” I can just see him busting that one out on the jobsite. It would go over reallly well.

3. This week, the official UNC Basketbal season began…with a game against Davidson that we almost lost. Sheesh. I am ALWAYS nervous when we are ranked number one pre-season: it’s too much pressure. Better to be lower ranked and surprise everyone, is what I say. Never underestimate the power of being underestimated. Still, it was exciting to see it all begin again, especially now that I get to share it with my daughter, who I am determined to shape into a rabid fan. She already has a UNC shirt and pants and socks, thanks to the fab Lara Zeises, and I will be buying her more UNC apparel just as soon as I can get myself up to Franklin Street to do so. Start ’em young, right?

4. Lately, I’m back obsessing over blueberry muffins. What is this about? I know when that mid-morning hunger hits I should reach for protein, cheese or nuts or something like that. But what I want is a big muffin, preferably with butter. I know for a fact I am getting one this morning, and I have been thinking about it off and on since last night. So sad, especially with pregnancy weight still to lose. Good thing I have a jogging stroller now. All I have to do is actually get out and JOG with it….

5. Okay, I know I’ve talked a lot about Project Runway lately. But this will be the last thing. For this week, anyway…

have a good day, everyone!
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