Today is Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping day of the year. Normally I do most of my holiday shopping in-store, as I love a good excuse (especially an ongoing one) to go to the mall, but this year, I have a feeling I’ll be joining the droves who click and ship. I actually keep having these true moments of panic, where it hits me that Christmas is now less than a month away, and I have so much to do, which I now have to figure out how to do with the baby in tow, and yet I want it to be a great Christmas because it’s her first one and oh and ah and well…

….and BREATHE. The truth is, I had no choice but to keep things simple for Thanksgiving, and it worked out really well. We only went to one dinner on the actual Turkey Day (as opposed to two, or three, like we used to) and managed to still see everyone we needed to. There were adequate naps, and not too much fussiness (from me and the baby). I have come to realize that I just can’t do everything I used to, just the way I used to do it. It’s literally impossible. So it’s time to make some new traditions, like maybe skipping the holiday cards for once, and hitting up Whole Foods instead of cooking everything myself, and acknowledging that gift cards are FINE presents, in fact, some people even prefer them. So, yes. This is me letting go and breathing. Of course, it’s only the first real day of my shopping season. But at least it’s a start.

There are some things I love about the holidays, though, that don’t involve shopping or eating. Like watching holiday movies. For instance, it is now officially the time of year to begin watching Love, Actually on a semi-daily basis. And last night Elf was on, a movie I ADORE all around. But there’s one scene in particular that makes me laugh out loud every single time and…today I found it on YouTube. Yesss!

So from now on, when I feel that holiday stress creep in, I’m just going to watch that again. And again. And again…..

have a good day, everyone!
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