The Friday Five! (Special Last Day of November Edition!)

1. Okay, so November….it’s over? Already? I think I’ve said this with every month since I had my daughter, but where does the time go? It seems like it was only just August, and now Christmas is right around the corner? At the same time, though, on the bad, no-nap, super-fussy, hair pulling, inconsolable days, I feel like time stands still. At least until my husband walks through the door. So go figure. They do say time is relative, but it’s only now really beginning to make sense to me.

2. Meanwhile, Sasha has discovered her feet, and apparently they are fascinating. I sit and watch her stare at them, as if they just suddenly appeared and she can’t quite believe it. If only I could be so entertained with mine, I wouldn’t even need to leave the house, much less TV or Internet. But oh, well.

3. The other day, my neighbor asked me to come down and help him set up his wireless router. Now, I am no tech expert, like my cousin Benjamin, but…I did it. Had to make a call to India during the process, but still, I set it up and did everything and presto-chango, wireless internet. After three months of feeling like I have no idea what I’m doing about twenty times a day, and constantly having to ask other people for input and advice, I have to admit this felt pretty good. I think I need to remember, when I’m feeling like the most clueless mom ever, that there are SOME things I am good at. Like calling Tech Support. Yay me! Maybe I should do that every day, just to boost my self esteem. Or I could just look at my feet…

4. If you want to know the level of total food nerdom in this house, just witness these words, which my husband woke me from a deep sleep this morning to tell me, just before he left for work: “Trader Joe’s opens today!” Yep, that’s right. Chapel Hill now has a Trader Joe’s, and even though I have only been to a couple, in California mostly, I have to say it was enough to make me EXCITED. Although because I hate crowds, I’ll probably wait until next week to go check it out. But then….food nirvana!

5. So this is totally random, but the other day, I was watching an interview with Sean Penn. He was talking about the movie he just directed, and his acting process, and it was all really compelling. But even as I listened, I kept thinking back, back….to Jeff Spicoli. I’m sure that nowadays, he doesn’t like to remember this, but thanks to YouTube, I can. God, I love this movie. And what’s wrong with a little feast on our time?

have a good weekend, everyone!
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