So the other day, my iPod Nano died. Which was news enough, even before I found out that my husband’s had also died, as did sarazarr‘s. I know this is probably pure coincidence, but imagine if it wasn’t? If, somehow, Apple was able to work it that just before the holiday season, a wide swath of iPods just completely pooped out, making it necessary for people to ask for them for holiday gifts? Okay, so it’s a total conspiracy theory, but still.

Anyway, I was going to just ask for one for Christmas, but because I have JUST gotten back into exercising in the hopes of losing the rest of my pregnancy weight (hard to do anytime, but during the holidays, practically freaking impossible, right?) I couldn’t do without an iPod. I can’t work out as well with no music, it’s just the basic truth. So this weekend I got a new Nano, and man, is it pretty. Amazing how far they’ve come since I got my last one. Plus it has a video screen, so I can actually watch The Office on it, if I was in the mood to squint. Which is just….very cool, I have to admit. On the flip side, I now have NO excuse not to get back to my regular weight. Oh, well….

In other news, reason 1,267 why I LOVE Friday Night Lights? The fact that my favorite book EVER got a shout out on this week’s episode: the hunky/somewhat sleazy English teacher lends Julie The World According to Garp, and then tells her if she liked that she’ll love A Prayer For Owen Meany. Of course she will! It’s the BEST BOOK EVER! I actually shrieked out loud, I was in such emphatic agreement. If there was ever a doubt that this show and I were meant for each other, no longer. That sealed the deal.

And finally, speaking of books, I’m now getting reminded daily how much I love the ones for children. I read to Sasha every day, at least once, sometimes twice: her favorite right now is Moo Baa La La La, followed closely by Goodnight Moon. My favorite these days, though, is one my editor sent me: Thank You Bear. It’s about a little bear who finds a box and is really excited, but when he shows it around everyone is really negative about it. Until he shows it to his best friend, who thinks it is just as perfect as he does. (Sob!)

Okay, so maybe I’m still hormonal, but it just gets me every time. Kind of like Owen Meany, I guess. A good book is a good book, no matter what age it’s meant for, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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