So here’s a question: when do you officially get in the holiday spirit? I ask because today is the last day of classes at UNC, which used to be when I did, when I was teaching. My students would hand in all their final papers, and I’d sit in my office, read them all, then do my grades, hand them in, and go buy a Christmas tree, which we would decorate while watching the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. It was like ritual.

But now, I’m not teaching. And ritual and routine have gone pretty much out the window since the baby came. So I’m just sitting here, waiting for the spirit to hit. Maybe I need to go to the mall and do some Christmas shopping? (Going to the mall always seems to be one answer to any question in my life, so sad, right?) Or bake some Christmas cookies ? (With food/eating running a close second.) There’s also our annual holiday party, but it’s not for awhile, and I really should have the tree up and be in the proper mindset by then. So….I don’t know. I’m considering going to the Chapel Hill Holiday Parade on Saturday, so maybe that will do the trick. We shall see.

In other news, I just got off the phone with my mother, who lately has been full of great wisdoms. I was telling her about how I’m all torn about doing Christmas cards, because they’re such a huge production, but at the same time I ALWAYS do them, so shouldn’t I, even though I just did birth announcements, and on and on. The upshot was that I was feeling so ill equipped in general, and I said, “I think I need to just make a list of everything I can do better.” To which she replied, “I think you SHOULD make a list of everything you can do better. And then I think you should rip up that list and throw it away.”

It was like hitting the brakes. That moment of clarity that Oprah is always talking about. Okay, okay. Just slow down, calm down. REEEE-LAAAX. So I will make that list, and throw it out. Or maybe not even make it at all. Instead, I’ll go outside, in the crisp air, and breathe in, and maybe some of the spirit will come with it. Or, not. Either way, it’s okay. There’s always shopping and cookies, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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