My baby is sick, which is just about the most pathetic thing ever. At least when I get a cold, I know that’s what it is: with an three and a half month old, it’s like this weird thing they can’t even begin to understand. Everytime she sneezes, she looks so CONFUSED. It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so sad. But there is SO much going around right now, I think it was inevitable she’d eventually catch something, especialy since my husband’s been sick for over a week now. Better now than at Christmas, I guess.

Speaking of the holidays, lately I’ve been thinking ahead, to New Year’s. More specifically, to my New Year’s Resolutions. (Never too early to start trying to better yourself, right?) Anyway, my number one resolution this year is to ban the phrase “You know,” from my speaking and vocabulary. Regular readers will remember that I did a TV interview last year, which they kept re-airing (to my total shame) where I used the phrase “you know” about eight hundred forty seven million times. It was TERRIBLE. I swear, it’s unconscious: I don’t even realize I’m doing it, which is why I asked my husband to tell me, and then proceeded to get ticked off at him every time he did just that. (Him: “You told me to tell you!” Me: “Okay, but you’re telling me all the time!” Him: “Because you SAY it all the time!” And repeat, endlessly.) I would also like to ban “I mean,” and the word “like,” but I think that might be overambitious, so it’s just “you know,” for now. I have already started my efforts and let me say, it’s harder than you’d think.

Also on my list: improving my handwriting. Any former students of mine reading this (and I believe there are a few) probably remember my scrawled comments on their papers, which more often than not were unreadable. The truth is, there was a time when I wrote neatly (when I was in college, actually). And at booksignings, I make a point to have good penmanship, so people can actually read their inscriptions. But maybe it’s because I’m so tired lately, or rushed, but lately my handwriting has become completely indecipherable. My husband squints at the shopping list like it’s in Sanskrit, completely confused. Several people admitted they couldn’t even read the thank you notes I sent for their baby gifts. So embarrassing! I do a little bit better when I write in all caps, so maybe I’ll just switch to that. To those of you who have neat handwriting, what is your secret? (Courtney, I am looking at you!) Do you always take your time? Or can you write quickly AND neatly? I’m curious to know.

So that’s me in 2008. Speaking better, and writing more neatly. Not impossible resolutions, but not the easiest either. At least as of right now, I have thirteen days to get all that scrawling and you know-ing out of my system. You gotta have those last hurrahs. Change is hard. You know?

have a good day, everyone!
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