Happy New Year!

I rang in my new year…in bed. I actually got to bed later than usual, as last night was the VERY FIRST IN FOUR MONTHS that I did not go to sleep with the baby. A huge deal, at least around these parts. Instead, I put her to bed, then went over to my neighbor’s for one (1) glass of wine, some snacks, and a quick dance party, complete with Soul Train line. Then it was back here and into bed around 11. I vaguely remember my husband waking me up at midnight to wish me a happy new year (in a whisper, so as not to wake Sasha) and then dropping back off to sleep to the sound of fireworks going off next door. Sasha slept through it all. Hallelujah!

And now, it’s 2008. Last year, I found out I was pregnant in the first week of January, so my year was all about carrying a baby, then having a baby, then taking care of a baby. I expect this year will also be baby-centric (which is just how I want it) but there is also Lock and Key, due in April (four months! yikes!) plus, hopefully, beginning a new book. So much potential, here at 8am on the first day of the new year. And I love a fresh start.

My resolutions were few but I intend to stick to them:
1. Write more neatly. I discussed this already in this space, and I am determined to do it. Writing in all caps does seem to help, as does writing more slowly. This is the year I get NO letters returned because the post office can’t read my writing. You read it here (neatly!) first.
2. Get back into a regular exercise program. This has been hard, as my schedule changes pretty much daily, but I feel better and am a better person to others when I exercise regularly, so it’s got to happen. Plus, even though I’ve lost a lot of my pregnancy weight, I still have a ways to go before all is as it was. So I’m busting out the free weights and dusting off my treadmill.
3. Read more. Since Sasha came, I’ve only had time for magazines and the newspaper, and even that in bits and pieces. But I MISS reading books so much, so I’m making the time. It’s part of my job, as well. Gotta read if you want to write. It’s the only way you learn.
4. Slow and down and ENJOY my life more. Stop rushing madly to the next thing, already thinking about what comes after that. The baby has taught me this, as well. She’s growing so fast, and changing so much, and I know every day is precious. I want to spend hours just hanging out with her, and maybe…that’s okay. Laundry can wait. Email can wait. A lot of things can wait. It’s all okay.

I hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve, and a fabulous 2008. Here we go!
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