The Friday Five! (Special first of 2008 edition!)

1. For Christmas, I received one of those magnifying mirrors, the kind you can put on your bathroom counter so that you can see yourself SUPER up close. It was a nice present, from someone I care about, but to be honest, I just can’t take it out of the box right now. Maybe there was a time when I wanted to see every pore, every line, every bit of the geography of my face, but now is NOT that time. Maybe in a few months?

2. I think there was a time when I used to go to bed, fall asleep, and then wake up. It’s hard to remember, especially after a night like last night, when I fell asleep around 9:45, got up at 3, then up again at 6, then up again at 7. Whew. And yet, I still feel really rested, considering there was a time not too long ago when I was getting up twice more during that same period. You know that commercial that’s always running for Johnson and Johnson, with the tagline, “Having a baby changes everything?” I used to see that and think, “Well, of course,” but man, I had no idea. None whatsoever. I was someone who needed TONS of sleep just to function. I guess you can change, after all.

3. I have to give props, and thanks, to Little Willow, who did this fabulous summary of all my books on her blog. Having just had to do this for my website overhaul, I have to say it’s not easy to do concise descriptions of each novel (especially if you’re me, I do nothing concisely) but she did a fab job. If you read this blog but not my books, and are curious, click on over and check it out.

4. I’ve discovered that one way to keep my dogs quiet in the morning so the baby can sleep is by leaving the TV on for them. (You can so tell they’re my dogs, right?) So while she sleeps, and I sit in here on my laptop, I can hear Regis and Kelly, which eventually turns into the Rachael Ray show. I’ve never really gotten into Rachael Ray before, but suddenly, now that I’m sort of having to half-listen to it, I see her appeal. She’s almost got me inspired to cook again..if I had the time. For now, I’m just into WATCHING her cook, which is almost as fun, without having to shop or do the cleanup. Little steps, right?

5. Speaking of cooking, my obsession with Gordon Ramsay continues. We’ve been watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares almost every night, and I’m completely fascinated with him. I wanted to post a clip from the show, but they’re all so full of curse words I can’t do it (they bleep them on BBC America) so instead, I’ll just put up this very nice video of him making scrambled eggs. No screaming, no cursing, no being mean. Just whipping up some breakfast. Yum!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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