The Friday Five! (Special…um, I’m-too-tired-to-think-of-something-clever Edition!)

1. As my father, the Shakespeare professor, would say, all’s well that ends well. The school board in Hillsborough County, Florida—where Just Listen was challenged by a parent, and called “repulsive”—has decided to keep it on the shelves. You can read about it here. Thanks to EVERYONE who weighed in with an opinion, and especially to school board member April Griffinl, who kept me posted on these events and wrote so compellingly in her blog about them. As I’ve said before, the best thing that can come out of an incident like this is that it gets people talking about important issues, and that definitely happened here.

2. I am beginning to think I am the ONLY person who has not yet seen the movie Juno. I have friends that have gone TWICE, even, and yet when I find myself with a few free hours, I just can’t bring myself to spend them sitting in one place. I have so much I want to do when the baby is otherwise occupied: like, say, shower, and sleep, and write, and exercise, or maybe just collapse across my bed and read US Weekly. But it would probably be good for me to just escape into a movie for a little while. And then there is always the promise of popcorn….

3. One thing I WAS really looking forward to, and now cannot, is the Golden Globes. It’s my favorite award show, much preferred over the Oscars, but now because of the strike it’s not happening. Which sucks for me, but even more for people who are nominated this year: I mean, what if it’s your first time, maybe your ONLY time, and you don’t get to do the red carpet and the oh-my-gosh moment and the acceptance speech? That stinks. Hopefully this whole thing will be resolved soon. Enough is enough!

4. My Tivo cut off during the last, decision-making moments of Project Runway this week: it was literally as Heidi was saying, “Kevin,” (meaningful look) “Christian,” (another meaningful look) and then…..done. Thank God for Project Rungay, which provides not only results (so don’t read it if you haven’t watched yet this week) as well as the best commentary anywhere. I know EW and some other places have been saying this season is kind of boring, but I disagree. My current favorites? Chris, purely for personality, and Christian for the win. We’ll see what happens. If my Tivo cooperates.

5. I miss my shows. Especially this one. Please, writers and studios, can’t you try to talk again? Where’s the love?

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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