The Friday Five! (Special post-and-pre Winter Weather Event Edition!)

1. You read that right: yesterday, we had a Winter Weather Event here. Which means it snowed for, like, a minute, and there was a little bit of ice, and then rain. Up in New England, they get two feet of snow and people hardly blink an eye, but here just a smattering of ANYTHING frozen and everyone goes wild. You should have seen the local newscasters, reporting from overpasses as…rain fell overhead. Maybe one flurry here and there. They’re predicting another event for tomorrow, so the whole thing is about to crank up all over again. On the flip side, bad weather of any sort means my husband makes a big mid-morning breakfast—eggs, bacon, toast—which is wonderful. So bring on the snow! (Or, rain. Whichever.)

2. Is it just me, or have the promos for that new Katherine Heigl movie, 27 Dresses, been running for YEARS now? I swear, I have never seen a movie so hyped in my life. I mean, weeks ago they were plugging this thing on Ugly Betty (not in commercials but on the show itself: Betty was talking about wanting to see it) which is sort of a disturbing trend. But the commercials seem to be running constantly, every show has the stars on…I’m kind of sick of it already, and it just comes out today. Still, it is my kind of movie, I have to admit. But if I see anything anytime soon, it HAS to be Juno. Still working on that…

3. We’re in the midst of a revolution around here, as my daughter is now going to sleep early, and by herself. Which means I’m not in bed by 9, falling asleep holding her so that she can fall asleep. Last night, our entire bedtime routine was finished AND she was asleep by 8pm. Good God! I had no idea what to do with myself. Watch TV? Read? Actually have a conversation with my husband? (And yes, I realize that is the third option, which is Just Plain Sad.) After four and a half months, my evenings are kind of my own again. Of course, I still need to go to bed early, as she was up again at 2:30, but still. It’s a whole new world. Or the old world, found again.

4. A lot of people have been asking for an updated picture of Sasha, and, because I am a proud mom, of course I want to put one up here. Or, like, twenty. But my husband, who does NOT like to be featured on this blog, is a little hesitant about putting her out there in cyberspace, so I’m going to honor his wishes and hold off, for now anyway. Although it is hard because she is VERY VERY cute. Not that I’m biased, or anything.

5. The Barry Manilow concert is on Sunday night, and barring a miracle, I probably won’t be making it. But after writing about it, I was very pleased to find out that I am not the only Barry lover out there, and even MORE so to find out one of my very favorite writers is also a serious Fanilow. Jessica Darling might not entirely approve, but no matter: Megan McCafferty, this is for YOU!

have a good weekend, everyone!
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