Well, this is a little surreal. Apparently, at a middle school in Arkansas, there was an author day during which a girl portrayed….me. Itis very flattering, of course, that she chose me, and I love that she had out baby toys, and that she rushed people past because her editor would be mad if she didn’t finish a chapter (which is particularly hilarious, as my editor is the most non-pressuring type you could ever meet). When I told my husband about this, though, he said if they REALLY wanted to portray me, all they had to do was stand there and obsess, out loud, about Why The Baby Won’t Follow A Nap Schedule and Is The Baby Eating Enough and How Am I Ever Going To Get Dinner Cooked Under These Circumstances. Which, admittedly, would not be very interesting. Which I guess was his point?

Right now, Sasha is in her exersaucer, banging around, while we wait for the Oscar nominations to be announced. (And how happy am I to finally have someone to share this moment with? Not that she really CARES, but still. It’s company.) I really, really want to be excited about the Academy Awards this year, even though I have seen, like, NONE of the movies likely to be nominated. I read somewhere that the studios and writers may go back to the table, which is GREAT news. May I suggest some nice muffins, or maybe donuts, be there too? It’s hard to fight when you’re enjoying a good pastry. Just a thought.

Finally, speaking of good things, I now finally have time to read again, which is great. But last night, I crawled into bed to read, only to find everything I had was baby related: The Girlfriend’s Guide to the First Year and Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, both of which are fine books, but I think I need a little change of pace. The book I REALLY want to devour, Jennifer Weiner’s Certain Girls, isn’t out until April, so I’m hoping for some recommendations. I’ve been out of the loop for so long, I’m sure I’ve missed some good stuff. So if you’ve read something wonderful lately, let me know about it.

Okay, nominations are about to be announced. You know what would really go nicely with this moment. A pastry. Hmmm….

have a good day, everyone!
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