I know this has been covered ad nauseum in the blogosphere, but I am so, so sad about Heath Ledger. He was such a good actor—especially in Brokeback Mountain, a movie which honestly kind of haunted me. But the thing that’s the most upsetting to me, especially now, is how in love he always was with his daughter and how she now has to grow up without him. In all the pictures he was always doting on her, pushing her stroller and carrying her on his shoulders. It just breaks my heart, I honestly can’t even think about it.

Sigh. And only 28. Twenty-eight! It’s terrible.

On a completely unrelated note (how do you even transition from that, I won’t even try) my friend Erica was over the other night, and we got to talking about TV. She said she had a new show she was watching on DVD, wondered if I watched it: Friday Night Lights. EEEEK! I think I startled her with my completely over the top reaction, as I was so excited to have someone else to talk about this show with (not that you all don’t count, but I mean, in person). She said she was so into it, but they were renting it disc by disc from Blockbuster, so….at which point I think I scared her AGAIN by practically exploding off the couch and running wildly to find my DVD of the entire first season. Yay! I swear, with this show, I just want to convert people. I’m like an evangelist, banging down your door with literature (or DVDs, as the case may be). Anyway, we spent most of the night discussing our shared crush on Tim Riggins. Okay, well, in my case maybe it’s an obsession. We decided we are entirely too old and married to be in love with a fictional teenage character, but no matter. What’s done is done.

Oops, I think the baby might be up. What happened to my two hour long morning nap? Oh, well….

have a good day, everyone!