Here’s something you don’t hear me say too often: man, am I glad it’s Monday.

Was it just me, or was last week kind of rough? I know it’s not just me, actually, as just about everyone I know had a bumpy week last week. Thanks to Meg Cabot, I know that last Monday was “Blue Monday,” which is supposed to be the gloomiest day of the year. No kidding. Here’s hoping that this week is better.

In other news, my baby is slowly going bald. I know, I know, babies are supposed to be bald. But she was born with all this pretty hair, which stuck around for awhile, before this receding hairline developed, and now really all that’s left is this narrow strip in the middle that’s too thin to even attempt a comb-over (not that I would, of course. A bald baby isn’t weird: a baby with a comb-over is.) Also, she’s reaching that age where you REALLY can’t tell if she’s a girl or a boy, so I make a point to put something pink on her every day, because I want people to know she’s a girl. The question I keep asking myself is, why? Why do I even care? Am I that affected by pre-disposed, society-driven gender roles? (That’s my mother’s voice, there: you can’t hear it, but I do.) Maybe I am, because it bugs me when people look at her and say, “How old is he?” when she has on pink pants and a pink hat. Personally, I always make a point to be non-gender specific when I see babies, saying things like, “How old is your baby?” and “So cute!” both of which usually prompt parents to use a pronoun. I never thought I’d be sensitive about such a thing, but then again I never thought I’d obsess to the point of practically getting an ulcer about a nap schedule, either. So you just never know, I guess.

Okay, she’s up, time to head out of the house. Maybe I’ll dress her in all blue, and everyone will assume she’s a girl? Might be interesting to see….

edited to add: This is totally unrelated, but I just got an email from a friend letting me know that she’d been checking out my Wikipedia page and there were several inaccuracies on it. I went to check it out, and sure enough she was right. There were some about my books, others about my bio. Anyway, they’re fixed now, but I just wanted to let people know that you shouldn’t depend on it for information if you’re doing a research for a report. The info on my website is correct, so please check there if you’re looking for facts about me or my books.

have a good day, everyone!
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