A few random observations, on your Wednesday (as I have only a little bit of time, random is all I can do):

1. According to reports, John Edwards is dropping out of the presidential race. Which is not surprising, really, but makes me a little sad, as it’s always nice to see someone local in the national news. Oh, well. There’s always the UNC basketball team, which is having a great (although no longer undefeated) season. Maybe now I’ll bump into John and Elizabeth out at the country ice cream store we both live sort-of-near? I wonder if he’s a chocolate chip type, like me.

2. Is it just me, or is MySpace starting to look more and more like Facebook? The interface is changing, the pages getting simpler, cleaner. They even have a newsfeed like thing now. I guess it was necessary: it really was messy before, and Facebook is so much more streamlined. Plus, when I checked my MySpace page the other day, a shock: no spam. Hooray!

3. I do not want to gloat, but yesterday I received a SUPER DUPER EARLY COPY of Jennifer Weiner’s Certain Girls, a book I am so, so excited about. And it doesn’t even come out until April! Now I just have pace myselfand try not to read it all in one mad spurt, then try to keep my friends from fighting over who gets to read it next. Maybe whoever buys me some chocolate chip ice cream? Or maybe I’ll just give it to John Edwards.

4. Today, for the first time in ages, I get to go out and do a business-y thing and have a nice lunch. And wear cute shoes! I am also going to carry a real purse, and not my diaper bag (which has been my purse for the last five months, so sad, right?) Now, all I have to do is try to leave the house without spitup in my hair or on my clothes. Wish me luck….

have a good day, everyone!
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