I know I usually do a Friday Five on, um, Friday. But today, instead, I am going to share a story.

I have written here before about how I am obsessed these days with Ben Lee and his music. In particular, in the last few weeks, I have been VERY into a song from his new album called “Birds and Bees,” which I listen to pretty much constantly. I have played it for friends, telling them how it will stick with you, it just puts you in a good mood, it’s the best song ever. There’s a girl who sings on it with him, and I have often wondered who it was. But because I bought the track from iTunes, I had no idea. And then, today, I find out completely by accident that that it’s….Mandy Moore.


Hello! That puts, like, only one person between me and Ben Lee. Okay, so I only met Mandy twice, and she wouldn’t be able to pick me out of a lineup. But still! Eeeek! Now you understand why I am doing my Friday entry on Thursday night, because I am Just That Excited and Could Not Wait to Share. Also, this is a great song for a Friday. Just listen to it, and I bet you will agree. You can find it here.

Okay, now I’m going to bed. Yes, it’s 9:42. What’s your point?

have a great weekend, everyone!
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