Today is the first UNC-Duke game this season. Normally, I would have woken up with a nervous feeling in my stomach, spent all day trying to calm down, and then glued myself to the TV from the opening buzzer till the final seconds ticked off, palms sweaty and heart racing. This year, I’m just hoping to stay up for the whole thing, as I’ve been having to get up around 5:30 most days, and nothing is more important to me than sleep. Not even basketball. I never thought I’d say that, but sadly….it’s true.

I did put Sasha in her UNC onesie AND UNC socks today, though. (Thanks again, Lara Z!) I thought about us wearing our matching UNC T-shirts, but that seemed like overkill. Maybe I’ll wait until the next Duke matchup?

Finally, in the ask-and-ye-shall-receive department: chapter one of Lock and Key. Just scroll down a bit and click on FEATURES. Enjoy!

have a good day, everyone and GO HEELS!
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