Well, it’s Monday, 11:15, and I feel like I’ve been running around for hours. Which, actually….I have. Huh.

I just left Whole Foods, where I had another d’oh! moment. A few weeks back, they were giving away these great re-usable shopping bags, to encourage less use of the plastic and paper variety. They even gave you a little sticker to put somewhere to remind you to bring it when you went out shopping. I put the bag in my car, the sticker on my car window and…I forget it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I know it’s a good thing, a good cause, but MAN I really don’t need something else to fail at everyday, you know? I have to come up with a new, better reminder system. I guess I’ll do that around the time I stop obsessing, finally get caught up on laundry and answer all my website email. Sigh.

In other news, I was alerted by loyal reader Kelsey that you can now find an audio clip of me talking about Lock and Key and reading an excerpt here. (It’s also available on the Barnes and Noble page for Lock and Key, way down in the right hand corner, under OF INTEREST.) Kelsey also asked me to give another mention to Dreamland, the message boards for my books, which you can join to chat with other readers. In the also-failing department, I realized this weekend that I was SUPPOSED to be answering questions under the Ask Sarah! topic, but with all the madness of motherhood, kind of, um, didn’t. So I will try my best to get to a few of them later this week.

Finally, how excited am I that it looks like the writer’s strike is ending? New episodes of The Office may be just what I need to turn my life around.


Okay, well they can’t make it MORE complicated, at any rate, right?

have a good day, everyone!
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