The Friday Five! (Special Post-Valentine’s Day Edition!)

1. For Valentine’s Day, I went to a very fancy bakery and bought an expensive, beautiful-to-look-at cupcake. When it went to eat it later, discovered it was…horrible. TOTALLY dry, like eating a sponge. And the frosting was bland. Clearly, a pretty cupcake is not necessarily a tasty cupcake. I would have been better off with grocery store cupcakes! Luckily, later in the day, I managed to get some cupcakes from Cafe Carolina, which in my mind are the best in town. Also kind of pricey, but the cake is moist, the frosting smooth and not too sugary. And they’re pretty to look at. So there!

2. Sasha has two toys she loves: her exersaucer, and her Jumperoo. Lately, though, she’s so crazy in her Jumperoo, leaping up and down, that when she gets in the exersaucer she keeps jumping, even though it is not a jumping toy. My husband thinks it’s hilarious, seeing her basically try to vault herself out of the exersaucer, but I am convinced it is not good for her feet. What if they get, like, totally flat? Or she breaks something? She seems happy, though. Maybe I should just go back to worrying about cupcakes.

3. I have to throw in a plug here for my good friend Geralin Thomas, who is a time management expert now featured on the Fine Living network and their website. Geralin and I met in college, and even then she was the most organized person I knew. We totally geeked out together over our day planners, and school supplies, and now she’s taken all her skills and made a business out of them, which is totally cool. Every time I read one of her pieces it makes me want to Get Organized Right This Second. So check out her latest in the link above, and if you want to read more, type GERALIN into the search bar on the site. You will feel more organized just by READING her tips, I swear.

4. My husband always gives great gifts, but this year for V-day, he completely outdid himself. Remember that Barry Manilow concert I really, really wanted to go to last month? Well, it got canceled due to bad weather, was rescheduled for March and….he got me tickets. THREE tickets, so I can take my friends Dana and Courtney as well. EEEEEEK! I was so excited, I cannot even tell you. I am so going to get dressed up and make a night of it. Brace yourself for pictures!

5. Finally—FINALLY—the big news I’ve been waiting to report: I have a brand new website! It’s been in the works for awhile and we’re still working out a couple of very small kinks, but it’s up and running, so go check it out. There’s some new content about Lock and Key, and more stuff to come. Maybe even pictures of me at Barry Manilow? Hmmmm….

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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