Today, I had Sasha on the bed while I put away some clothes. I put toys around her—her bunny, stuffed monkey, a couple of books—so she could grab at stuff. I turned my back for a second, looked back and….she was holding my US Weekly, which I had not realized was also in reach. Uh-oh, I thought. Better get the collected works of Shakespeare in the mix, stat!

(Maybe a love of celebrity gossip is genetic? Could be. Then at least it wouldn’t be my fault.)

In other news, I find that I am suddenly a shoe person. Don’t get me wrong: I have always liked shoes. But I haven’t been the type to troll the shoe section, drooling over the pumps and slingbacks. I like a nice pair of heels just fine, but I’m more comfortable in my beat up Danskos or my favorite Havianas flip flops. But. Yesterday I was walking through Nordstrom and I found myself drifting, drifting, over to the shoe department. There were these really pretty patent leather black Mary Janes, and some pink wedges, and bright red pumps I would NEVER wear and yet still, somehow, wanted desperately. Maybe this is a result of when I was pregnant, and nothing fit BUT my shoes? Or it’s just a part of getting a little older, and appreciating finer things? Or perhaps, genetic, like loving US Weekly? (That, I doubt, as my mother could care less about shoes. Or Us Weekly, for that matter. The collected works of Shakespeare, though, she would very much enjoy.) At any rate, I resisted, but it wasn’t easy. I fear a trend may be in the making. Watch out!

Finally, from the FYI department: tomorrow, Just Listen will be released in paperback, which is very exciting. I haven’t yet gotten my copies, but so I may head out to my local bookstore and see if I can find one. Maybe while I’m there, I’ll also pick up a collected works of Shakespeare. Hmmmm….

Have a good day, everyone!
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