The Friday Five! (Special Leap Year edition!)

1. Yes, today is February 29th, a day that only comes around every four years, so we should all make the most of it. Do something different, special, that we wouldn’t otherwise. I, personally, am doing two work-related things that, if I let them—and I’m trying not to—would make me very nervous, so I think that counts. But regardless of what you do today, tomorrow, it’s March. Hooray!

2. Speaking of next month, as I will be the featured author for March on Readergirlz, the very cool online book community you can find on MySpace. I’ll be answering some questions in the forums, posting some fun stuff about me and Lock and Key AND doing a chat on March 27th (the same day I am going to see Barry Manilow, so you know I will be especially pumped). You have to be a MySpace member to participate, I believe, but if you are, please come and check it out. I’ll be posting reminders here as the month goes on.

3. The big news around here lately is the cheating scandal at my high school, which apparently involved a master key that was passed down from one group of students to the next over many years. To which I say, wow. And also: wasn’t there a 90210 episode JUST like that? Talk about life imitating art. If you, um, call 90210 art. Which, sadly, I kind of do.

4. I can’t say I was really surprised by the result of the Chris vs. Rami showdown on Project Runway—caution! SPOILERS AHEAD— but I was kind of sad to see Chris go. Again. There was just something so kind of fun and fuzzy about him, and you’ve got to love someone who uses human hair collection and ALSO wears socks with their sandals. Also, while watching, I realized that this was the first season in awhile that we didn’t have a sort-of-villian on PR, someone who was just egotistical enough to dislike. I know some of you may say Christian fits that bill, but I don’t agree. He’s no Jeffrey, or Santino. And I’m still pulling for him to win it all next week. We shall see….

5. Finally, I know I’ve mentioned that I haven’t been posting many pictures of my baby girl here, mostly because her dad is sort of hesitant to have her on the web. Which is something I totally understand. But she’s six months this weekend, and I took this shot the other day, and I just HAVE to share it especially since I wrote about her love for magazines this week. What can I say? Like mother, like daughter. We love us some EW and Tyra!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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