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The other night, after a LOOONG day, I collapsed onto the couch in need of something. Something easy, soothing, that would not require too much thinking or work. So I put in Ratatouille, which I have had on Netflix for forever, and I just have to say that I really liked it. It was not as good as The Incredibles, which I adored, but then, I didn’t expect it to be. I do say that try as I might, I still kind of shuddered whenever they showed tons of rats flowing into a house, or down a street. I wanted to love the rats as the characters they were, but it’s hard to get past that whole, well, RAT thing. Still, it was very cute. And I spent the entire movie wondering who was voicing the main girl character, only to find out it was Janeane Garofalo. To which I said: where has she BEEN? i loved her in Reality Bites, and The Truth About Cats and Dogs. But I don’t think she’s been in much since. So that was a pleasant surprise. Almost made up for the shivers about the, um, rat thing.

In other news, I am old. This is apparent to me these days for many reasons, but especially since I joined the new mobile campaign my fab publisher has put together for Lock and Key. You text DESSEN to 36888 (standard text message rates apply, just so you know!) and get a voice message from me, as well as other messages over the next few weeks. But truly, I think I have missed the curve on texting (see old, above) as it took me, like, four tries to get the message sent correctly. Nerd alert! Now it is working, though, which is kind of fun, albeit a bit surreal. For instance, today I received a text telling me what my favorite outfit is. And it was right! Then again, it should be, as I provided this information. But still, kind of fun. Especially since the only other people who ever text me are my babysitters, and then only when they are letting me know they can’t make it, so I have a sort of fear of that New Text chime. Hopefully, this will get me over it. Then maybe I can deal with the Rat Thing….

Have a good day, everyone!

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