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The Friday Five! (Special It’s Raining Again Edition!)

1. Yep, it’s raining here, which is GREAT. Maybe it will be a wet spring, and we’ll get some relief from the drought we’ve been in, the worst in 200 years? That would be nice. Keep it coming!

2. The paperback of Just Listen made the New York Times Bestseller list, coming in at #4. Yay! I had not even considered this was possible, so it was a lovely surprise. Speaking of books, my friend—and fellow Chapel Hill High alum—Melissa Walker just published her second, Violet By Design, a follow up to Violet on the Runway, a book I very much enjoyed. If you’re into fashion, or just good books, check it out.

3. Speaking of fashion, I spent ALL yesterday basically avoiding all things internet so as not to find out who won Project Runway. I didn’t even let my homepage, Google News, load, for fear of finding out. Then, last night, I collapsed onto the couch and watched. For those of you who have NOT yet watched and are also in a self-imposed media blackout, I won’t comment further until Monday. If you haven’t watched by then, though, you are on your own!

4. In other TV news, the fab Meg Cabot emailed me yesterday to tell me that it looks like Friday Night Lights WILL be back for a third season. Which is great news that I would have not known otherwise, due to the whole media blackout. You can learn more here. Thanks, Meg!

5. In honor of this great news—and the fact that we’ve all been Tim Riggins-less for entirely too long—I have to share this video that was on the E! site. I have said that I love, love, love me some Riggins. But isn’t it nice when you think you might like the guy who plays him, too? Sigh. And, um, sa-woon!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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