The Friday Five! (Special Thursday Night Edition!)

1. Can you tell I’m eager for the weekend to come? So eager, in fact that I’m pretty much deciding it is here, right here, right now. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit, or maybe…not. After all, the ACC Tournament started today, which, around these parts, anyway, is basically like a holiday. The best news? We play tomorrow at NOON. Finally, a game I can be sure I’ll be awake for. Hooray!

2. Speaking of things to celebrate, loyal reader Julie alerts me to some news I definitely didn’t know about: there’s going to be a sequel to Center Stage! SHUT UP, I say! But it’s true. And while there is no synopsis up yet, it looks like both Peter Gallagher AND Cooper Nielsen return. Oh.My.God. It can only be really good, or really terrible. Actually, this is Center Stage we’re talking about. It will probably be BOTH. Thanks, Julie!

3. Meanwhile, I feel like spring is finally here. Or at least very close. It’s really warm outside, the trees are all blooming, and there are daffodils just about everywhere you look. I know that most likely, there will be another burst of cold weather JUST as I decide to go pull out my Havianas, but still. Pretty nice. So nice that I’m wondering why, exactly, I’m sitting here looking out at it, instead of being outside. Hmmm…

4. You know how a lot of times, when you go to get hot water for tea at a coffee shop, there’s a little sign on the machine that says CAUTION: HOT! Well, let me tell you: it’s not a joke. And I know, because the other day, I filled up a to go cup with hot water to heat the baby’s bottle when we were out, and then went to stand in line with it. A moment later, the bottle shifted, or something, dropping further into the cup, and hot water spilled over the top, down the front of my shirt. OUCH. Yes, I got burned, and pretty badly, actually. Had to go to urgent care and everything. I’m fine now, and was really just happy that Sasha was with her dad, and nowhere near me when this happened. But suffice to say, from now on, I’ll find another way to heat up bottles. Yikes. If I get scars, I have already decided to come up with a much better story to explain their origins. Maybe one involving rescuing people from a burning building. I don’t know, I’m still working on it. I’ll keep you posted.

5. Finally, you KNOW that the last thing I need is another TV show to get addicted to. And yet, I’m still always on the lookout. I was listening to NPR awhile back when they had a piece about this new show on BBC America called That Mitchell and Webb Look. It sounded so funny I went ahead and set up the Tivo to tape it and now, my husband and I can’t stop referencing the various skits in our daily lives. They’re all pretty funny—I mean, just look at the picture on that page I just linked to, it’s funnier than half the shows on TV alone—but this one is currently my favorite. I give you: Numberwang.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

edited to add: That first commenter is right, this IS deserving of a 6: a spin-off of 90210, created by Rob Thomas, who did Veronica Mars? Am I dreaming? Is this possible? Looks like it is. Happy Friday!
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