Okay, so normally I’d be doing my whole Friday Five thing, but the truth is, I’m sick. Getting better, but still under the weather. Better yet, my husband is ALSO sick, which is never fun, but even less so when you have a baby in the house—who is NOT SICK, thank goodness–that needs caring for, and entertaining, even if you ARE all achy and exhausted and feel so stuffed up it’s like your head might explode. Suffice to say, coming up with five things for this entry is a bit ambitious at this point. Which is why I am SO LUCKY that I have one really fun thing to share that (hopefully) will make up for it.

This clip below is a video we shot a few weeks ago. This very nice filmmaker named Will and I hung out at my friend Brian’s store, Johnny’s—that’s Brian’s Coca-Cola sign you see behind me at the beginning—then got in my car and drove all over Chapel Hill and Carrboro, leaping out at various places to film on the fly. (We almost got hit by a car on Franklin Street too, which is pretty much a rite of passage here in Chapel Hill.) Anyway, it was crazy and hilarious and really, really fun, and I think it gives a sense of both where I, and my books, come from. So check it out:

Okay, back to blowing my nose…..

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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