Okay, so this was QUITE a weekend. Between the basketball—my bracket is a MESS, as half my picked teams lost—-recovering from being sick, then the baby getting sick, and then Easter, it’s been a bit chaotic. By yesterday, though, things seemed to be on the upswing. My Tarheels moved onto the Sweet Sixteen, and my daughter recovered from her cold in time to tolerate being dressed up for Easter (first time in tights! and a dress!). I ate entirely too much ham and hot cross buns and was in bed by nine last night, then had dreams that I was dating Tyler Hansborough. Which pretty much sums up my weekend better than the preceding paragraph, actually.

In other news, thanks for all the nice comments about the Lock and Key video I posted in the last entry. (If you missed it, you can check it out on YouTube here.) I’m always insanely self conscious whenever I see myself on video or TV, so I’ve tried not to watch it too much, but I was glad that so many people noticed my shoes, because I wanted to wear them even though they were KILLING my feet by the end of the day. For those of you who asked, they are Kate Spade. And very comfortable, as long as you don’t wear them running around town for four hours straight.

Meanwhile, after a beautiful spring-like weekend in which I got a pedicure AND wore flip flops, today I woke up to see…sleet. Yep. That Mother Nature, give a little, take a little. But we’ll get to warm weather soon enough. In the meantime, it’s back to sweaters and socks. Sigh…

have a good day, everyone!
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