How is it already the end of March? Am I in a time warp or something?

It would make sense, as I’ve been pretty much focused on nothing but basketball lately. My Tarheels made it to the Final Four, which means next weekend will be equally nerve-wracking and exciting. I think I better start resting up now.

In other news, we’ve been watching a lot of cooking on TV lately: Gordon Ramsay, Top Chef, the occasional Emeril segment on GMA. I think that for most people, watching cooking makes them want to cook, but I am not like that. Watching cooking just makes me want to eat, and because I have neither the time or the inclination, the food I am watching being prepared is pretty much out of my realm of possibility. As is eating out, which these days involves a complex process of procuring babysitters, which pretty much rules out any kind of, “Hey, let’s go out and eat sushi!” impulsiveness. So really, I’m just frustrating myself by continuing to watch all these shows. It’s like watching the Home Shopping Network when you’re broke. And yet, still, I’ll sit there and watch a big segment on preparing lobster, then sigh and head off to make manwiches. Again. Oh, well.

Due to the aforementioned total lack of time or organization, I decided I was going to really try to streamline my schedule. Step one: writing out a calendar for every week, with set time segments dedicated to specific tasks. (Geralin, are you proud of me?) So I sit down and begin, but I make the days too narrow to write in anything. So I rip it up, and start over. This time, my writing is too messy. Try again. Now, I smear the ink and there’s a big blotch over Tuesday, and by then I was too frustrated to even keep going so I quit. I mean, could I BE any more of a mess? I can’t even complete the task that’s supposed to help me complete all my tasks. Sigh.

Oh, well. At least I got out of the house on time to do this video! (I tried to embed it, but for some reason it’s not working…..) I actually think I look a little orange. Maybe it’s time to hit Sephora….

Have a good day, everyone!

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